QU Baseball is Hiring Managers!

Robert Frey
3 min readApr 15, 2021


The Quincy University baseball program is hiring for the 2021–2022 school year!

Join the QU baseball staff to help expand our video and analytics capabilities, as well as build your resume and knowledge of the game of college baseball.

The Quincy University baseball program gives potential candidates the opportunity to work for a team that has won three conference titles since 2011, six consecutive NCAA Division II regional appearances, and a College World Series appearance in 2017.

The goal for this position is to grow the video and analytics capabilities within the QU baseball program, and build a resume to prepare candidates for a future in baseball analytics at the college, or professional level.

The application is open to any current student at Quincy University who is enrolled-full time (12+ semester hours or more) or incoming students (freshman or transfers) who are accepted into a Quincy University academic program.

Below you will find the open positions, which will provide more insight into what we do here at QU and how you can help us continue to expand our baseball video and data capabilities.

Anyone who is interested in any of the manager positions is encouraged to apply; despite lack of experience. All necessary job requirements can be learned on the job, and trained by the Director of Baseball Analytics, Robert Frey.

General Application:

Apply here if you are interested in working for a collegiate baseball program, no experience required, if you want a great first step to launching your future career in sports, this is a great start!

Link to Application: https://forms.gle/KC9AnDh9rZ3ARATYA

Motus Manager:

The role of the Motus manager is to ensure our pitching staff utilizes and properly wears Motus sleeves. The Motus manager will also utilize the Motus Dashboard and clean data points that are anomalies.

The Motus manager will use that data to provide insights for our pitching staff and work with the Director of Baseball Analytics and the coaching staff on a daily basis.

Learn more about Motus here: https://www.drivelinebaseball.com/2020/03/the-motusthrow-sleeve/

Link to Application: https://forms.gle/VfN6QDEAyqvKAAEp8

Blast Manager:

The role of the Blast manager is to incorporate our team Blast sensors for our hitters to collect, analyze, and report Blast Motion data.

The Blast Manager will utilize our Blast Connect Account and assist in collecting data to upload to our team dashboard.

The Blast Manager will work with the Director of Baseball Analytics and the coaching staff on a daily basis and provide insights on our hitter’s swings for their development.

Link to Application: https://forms.gle/7YNjqJXqgutM4Fzv6

Video Manager:

The role of the Video manager is to set up and record video of hitting groups, bullpens, intrasquads, and any other video that needs to be recorded. The Video Manager will work with the Director of Baseball Analytics and coaching staff to brainstorm and create ideas on how to best utilize video, both in creating, editing, and recording video.

Link to Application: https://forms.gle/JUYQG4s2KYwacA5B8

All positions will assist in the processing and uploading of video, as well as have weekly meetings with the Director of Baseball Analytics to work on projects of interest.

All managers will build and develop a working relationship with the Director of Baseball Analytics, and be prepared for a future career in baseball!

These positions are on a volunteer basis. You will receive QU gear, as well as training and hands-on experience to jumpstart a potential career in sports.

Any further questions can be directed to Robert Frey, the Director of Baseball Analytics.

Cell: 815–304–9873 (text or call)

Email: freyro@quincy.edu.

Twitter: @RobertFrey40